Kick My Cold’s Ass Veggie Soup

Kick My Cold's Ass Veggie Soup – Immune System Boost Recipe | Healthy Eats by Jennie

It’s cold season, so we all need an Immune System Boost Recipe to either kick that cold’s ass or prevent a cold from kicking your ass! During the holiday season, we were not eating as much healthy eats as we normally would with all the holiday parties and holiday fun! So of course, both Jimmy and I caught colds! Starting this year off, and since cold season and winter will still be in effect for a few months, I wanted to create an Immune System Boost Recipe to Boost our immune systems and keep those colds away! I pretty much googled foods to either kick a cold or prevent a cold and put as many of them in a soup that I could. Big ones that kept on coming up in my search were red peppers, celery, carrots, garlic, ginger, broth, chick peas, dark leafy greens and citrus. This Immune System Boost Recipe has all these foods and turned out both delicious and comforting! read more

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Instant Pot Split Pea Soup

This Vegan split pea soup recipe is amazing! Until now, when I have had split pea soup, it contained some type of meat, such as ham, ham bone, bacon, pancetta, etc.  It is definitely soup season since it is a cold winter up here in Philadelphia, so I was craving some delicious split pea soup, but wanted to try making it healthy and vegan. I was really worried that it would be lacking flavor since I was not including any meat, but I had no reason to worry – this soup was so flavorful, that I didn’t even notice that there was not any meat. If you love split pea soup, but want to keep it healthy and vegan, you should definitely try this recipe!

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