Lemony Whipped Feta Dip with Patty’s Zesty Garlic Peppers

Lemony Whipped Feta Dip with Patty's Zesty Garlic Peppers – Feta Dip Recipe | Healthy Eats by Jennie

During a food prep Sunday, I made a bunch of Mediterranean tapas (salads, veggie dishes, dips/spreads, etc.). I also had some pita bread, so I wanted to make sure that my spread of food included some delicious dips. I love Feta and love the zestfulness/flavor of Patty’s Peppers (Mom’s Original Recipe, Zesty Garlic), and wanted to use both up in a feta dip recipe. This feta dip recipe turned out amazing! It is lemony, creamy, dreamy, zesty and would certainly be a crowd pleaser!  I just love zesty dips! Dips are fun to eat, fun to bring to parties, fun to enjoy with a crowd, and even by yourself!  Make this feta dip recipe for your friends will watching a sports game, party, or you can even do what I did and make it during a food prep Sunday to enjoy all week! read more

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