Hi – I’m Jennie and I’m a weekday vegetarian! I can’t wait to share my delicious vegetarian recipes with you!

After my sister’s wedding in back in 2014, I realized that I gained weight over the years (I was at my fattest fat!), and I needed to do something to make an impactful change. My bestie Bambi was taking a health coaching class at the time and brought to my attention the benefits of eating vegetarian food. She challenged me to eat vegetarian at least once a week.

A Weekday Vegetarian is Born

So I decided to go BIGGER than that, and try it 5 days a week (hence – weekday vegetarian)! It really worked – I lost around 30 pounds within the first 6 months of adopting this lifestyle.  Living with my boyfriend Jimmy, our agreement is that I cook us the best vegetarian recipes during the week. And then he is in charge of the weekend cooking, which consists of some indulgent meals – not exclusively vegetarian!  All my recipes need to be Jimmy-approved (and he is a tough critic)! We have been enjoying the healthy vegetarian meals for a few years, and now I am excited to share the very best ones with you!

Jennifer Ross is a food enthusiast who has mastered the fine balance of healthy recipes by weekday and savory and indulgent meals by weekend! The key is making the weekday vegetarian recipes as delicious and as tasty as those weekend meals. She resides in Philadelphia, PA.