Broiled Feta Dip with Patty’s Zesty Garlic Peppers

Broiled Feta Dip with Patty's Zesty Garlic Peppers – Patty’s Peppers Recipe | Healthy Eats by Jennie

There is a baked feta dish that is my favorite appetizer at a BYOB restaurant in Old City. But that restaurant took it off the menu and they only offer it as a special on occasion. Ever since they took it off the menu, I have been trying to recreate this appetizer on my own.  When making it, I typically would use pepperoncini peppers in it, as they do in the restaurant, but it never was quite the same as the version in the restaurant. read more

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Roasted Summer Squash Pepper Dip

Roasted Summer Squash Pepper Dip – Roasted Veggie Dip Recipe | Healthy Eats by Jennie

Do you ever have a surplus of veggies that you are not sure what to do with before they go bad? My favorite way to use a surplus of veggies, is to roast them and then make a Roasted Veggie Dip Recipe! In one of my Mistfits Market boxes, I had received a lot of organic squash, zucchini and peppers, so I figured that it would be fun to turn all of those into an amazing Roasted Veggie Dip Recipe! This one may be my favorite yet! read more

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