Truffle Mushroom Rice

Course Main Course, Side Dish
Cuisine Asian, Comfort food, vegetarian
Keyword Truffle Rice
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • 1 cup uncooked brown rice*
  • 2 cups Vegetable or Chicken Broth**
  • 3 cloves of garlic smashed
  • 2 teas olive oil
  • 8 oz shiitake mushrooms coarsely chopped (or a medley with shiitake)
  • 1 large yellow onion chopped
  • 1/2 cup chopped scallions (green onions, both green and white parts)
  • 5 cloves of garlic chopped
  • 1 T olive oil
  • 1 T black truffle oil***
  • 1/2 teas sea salt
  • 1/2 teas black pepper
  • 1/2 cup sherry
  • 1/4 cup reduced sodium soy sauce
  • 1 T rice vinegar
  • 1 egg lightly beaten
  • 1 handful of cilantro leaves coarsely chopped
  • Additional truffle zest and truffle oil for topping when you serve


  1. Cook the rice: Cook rice according to package directions and use the broth instead of the water to cook the rice. When you add the rice to the boiled broth to cook, also add the 2 teas of olive oil and the smashed garlic cloves. Cook the rice ahead of time and let cool at least to room temperature before you begin making the rice dish. *****

  2. Heat 1 T olive oil and 1 T truffle oil in a wok over medium high heat (for about a minute).

  3. Add yellow onions, salt, and pepper and sauté for 2 minutes (until the onions start to brown).

  4. Add mushrooms, sauté for a minute stirring constantly.

  5. Then add the ¼ cup of sherry.

  6. Stir to combine, then turn the heat down to medium.

  7. Add the remaining ¼ cup of sherry, and sauté for 5 minutes.

  8. Turn down to medium low and add the garlic and sauté for 2 minutes.

  9. Add the soy sauce, rice vinegar, scallions and truffle zest and cook for 2 more minutes.

  10. Turn the heat back up to medium high and add the rice. 

  11. Stir to combine and then pat the rice down and let cook for about 25-30 seconds.

  12. Then mix around and pat the rice down again and cook for about 25-30 seconds. 

  13. Repeat the above 2 more times. 

  14. Then shove the rice to the side and add the egg (if you are adding egg, if not skip below to step 16).

  15. Let the egg cook for about 20 seconds, then scramble and mix with the rice. 

  16. Then do the same process where you pat the rice down like in steps 11 and 12 and do that 2-3 more times. 

  17. Take the wok off the heat and fold in ¼ cup of the cilantro. 

  18. Serve with finishing off with toppings (truffle oil, truffle zest, cilantro, and siracha (optional, but delicious if you like spicy).